Piper is a lovely liver nosed girl who at her 1st weekend of showing with minimal training won her class and reserve to a 3 point major. She is the result of breeding 4 old lines of Rhodesian Ridgebacks to preserve those positive qualities including the prey drive and running abilities. 

Piper loves to lure course like her  grandmother "Tempress" and after a short fall running season won the Mnobi Challenge Cup from the So Cal Coursing Association Turkey Run weekend where she was the highest scoring Rhodesian Ridgeback over the 3 day weekend trial.  

Piper continues to lure course and has a new found love for nose work taking 1st place with interiors and exterior work. She can clear a room in short order for scent work and lovely to watch this liver beauty work. 
Piper completed her ASFA veteran field championship and her AKC lure coursing field championship in back to back weekends in Dec 2020.
Piper completed 2020 ranked #17 AKC and #20 ASFA
She now shares her home with a Pystel Puppy Bristol..
Owner: Kay Starky 

SIRE: Gch. Chiastolite's Maximum Force of Red Dawg, JC
Dam: Chiastolite's Legend of Pearl by HPK Tropaco, JC

BORN. May 4, 2013. 

Winning Mboni Challenge trophy 2014 a lovely bronze Dannyquest figure